Laundry Service for Businesses

* We pick up your soiled laundry.
* We wash, dry, and fold your laundry.
   o Cost is $3.00 per pound.
   o You can select regular detergent or All Free and Clear.
   o You can select fabric softener or no softener.
   o Please let us know if you have special requests. We will work with you.
* We can steam or iron items upon request.
   o Just add 50 cents per pound for ironing/steaming.
   o Ironed/steamed items are wrapped to prevent wrinkling during transport.
* We deliver your clean laundry to you and stock the clean laundry back on your shelves.
* Average turn-around time 48 hours.
* Our laundry service frees up your employees to work your business instead of doing laundry. Do not allow lack of clean laundry to slow your business down!
* Caregistics Laundry Service gives your business that touch of professionalism that your customers come to expect from you.

Call us today at (804)615-4300 or you may email us at